This Web site gives access to the addressing services provided by the FCR Operator, such as the FCR Whois Database Query Service, the FCR Public Data Download Service, and the HTML Interface of the FCR API.

If you are looking for information on the company F2R2, the FCR Operator, and in particular on its ongoing public share offering operation (available to residents of France only), visit the Web site

The FCR Operator is the entity that is responsible for the technical and commercial operation of the Frogans Core Registry, the database in which Frogans addresses and Frogans networks are registered.

On this Web site, you can access the addressing services provided by the FCR Operator. You can also download resources provided by the FCR Operator and by the OP3FT regarding the conditions for the registration of Frogans addresses and of Frogans networks, as well as the activities of the FCR Operator.

The second phase of the priority registration period for entrepreneurs is ongoing

Entrepreneurs can now register Frogans addresses of public Frogans networks as well as dedicated Frogans networks

Individuals and organizations wishing to become an FCR account administrator can open their FCR account to provide registration-management services

Trademark holders can still register dedicated Frogans networks whose network name corresponds to their trademark during the priority registration period for entrepreneurs

To get resources concerning the Frogans technology, please visit

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Addressing services provided by the FCR Operator

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