fcr.frogans is the entry point of the addressing services provided by the FCR Operator under the Frogans Core Registry Delegation Agreement. These services include notably the FCR API, the HTML Interface of the FCR API, the FCR Whois Service and the FCR Public Data Repository Service.

The FCR Operator is the company F2R2. If you are looking for information on F2R2 and in particular on its public share offering operation (available to residents of France only), visit f2r2.fr

After years of hard work, the FCR Operator and the OP3FT are pleased to announce that Frogans as a medium for the universal publishing of content and services on the Internet has entered its Beta period.

To participate in testing the FCR API (used for the registration of Frogans addresses and Frogans networks in the FCR) during the Beta period, send an email to contact-beta (at) op3ft (dot) org.

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