Updated on April 2, 2015

This list contains the names and contact information of "early" FCR Account Administrators.

"Early" FCR Account Administrators are professionals involved in Internet naming. They participated in the optimization of the services provided by the FCR Operator by carrying out tests to prepare the opening of the priority registration period for trademark holders. These tests concerned the creation of an FCR account and the registration of a dedicated Frogans network.

Date of creation Type of FCR Account Organization name Contact person E-mail address Web site URL
April 29, 2014 Organization WITETIC Benjamin Martin-Tardivat domain@witetic.eu http://www.witetic.eu/?lg=EN
May 23, 2014 Organization PRODOMAINES dba BDL Systemes Jean-Francois Poussard jf.poussard@systonic.fr http://www.adresses-frogans.com/ (in French)
May 30, 2014 Organization SafeBrands by Mailclub Matthieu Aubert m.aubert@safebrands.com http://safebrands.com/frogans/

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