FCR-MSI (FCR Multi-Stakeholder Interface) is the multi-stakeholder interface used to interact with the Frogans Core Registry (FCR).

The FCR-MSI technical specification sets forth the multi-stakeholder interface used to interact with the FCR. The FCR is the database which contains all registered Frogans addresses and Frogans networks. The multi-stakeholder interface comprises different means of interacting with the FCR, including an Application Programming Interface (API) organized into sections, processes and actions. The multi-stakeholder interface is used by the general public, Frogans address and Frogans network holders, FCR account administrators, UDRP-F dispute-resolution service providers, the FCR Operator, and the FCR data escrow agent.

The implementation of the HTML interface of the FCR API for FCR account administrators is accessible here.

Technical specifications

The FCR Multi-Stakeholder Interface (FCR-MSI) technical specification is in the process of being drawn up.

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